Ben Sharples is an American actor and filmmaker. With wife Marissa Hall, he is the founder of production company Gold Door Films, which recently completed its first feature, the tennis comedy Gentlemen’s Fury. Released on Amazon Prime, Gentlemen’s Fury took home Best Actor for Sharples as well as a Best Picture nomination at the Sunscreen Film Festival West. Gold Door Films also just finished the horror comedy short A Perfect Husband and the thriller short Taken In, both now touring the festival circuit.

Ben can also be seen in Takashi Shimizu’s horror movie, Flight 7500. He is the co-writer and star of the short film Time Capsule, which premiered at Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde in Rouen, France as well as the director of Not Necessary, which won Best Comedy Short at the Action on Film International Film Festival.

Ben and Marissa are currently working on their second feature, the Halloween comedy All Hallows’ Steve.